Saturday, March 26, 2011

... homosexual ocd (HOCD) therapy / treatment in the philippines ... (psychiatrist, psychologist, psychotherapist, counselor, life coach)

a year ago, i would have said that homosexual ocd isn't very common. but since the beginning of this year, i've begun having more and more clients consulting me for HOCD. perhaps people have become more aware about it by researching about their symptoms on the net and then finding their way into the chatrooms or forums on HOCD.
. HOCD is also known as "gay ocd" or "sexual orientation ocd." it is a form of obsessive-compulsive disorder which is characterized by doubts about one's sexual identity.

no, people with HOCD are NOT gay. they harbor NO sexual attraction towards persons of the same sex and yet, they are constantly barraged by thoughts that they are gay, or may become one. because of the onslaught of these intrusive thoughts, people with HOCD experience a disturbing and debilitating mix of insecurity, confusion, anxiety, frustration, and depression.
. like other forms of ocd, there is hope and help for people suffering from HOCD. it is best managed or resolved with a treatment package consisting of anti-ocd medication, psychotherapy, stress management techniques, relaxation techniques, and wellness therapies.


  1. Sir, if i may ask, i would like to know how much would be the treatment? I have not yet been to any psychiatrist, however I am pretty convinced i have HOCD. Please answer, my life is pretty much ruined right now and I am desperate to feel better. thanks

    1. Hello Wanderer, thanks for your message. HOCD is easy to treat with the right medication at the right dosage. If you wish to set an appointment, kindly visit the link below for more information. I will be glad to help you. Sincerely, Randy :D

    2. Hi Wanderer. Broadcast Communication Student ako from PUP. Gagawa kami ng documentary film about sa OCD at sa iba't-ibang cases nito. I just want to ask you kung willing kang ma-feature sa docu namin at willing kang i-share ang story mo. Rest assured, we will respect your privacy and mag-aadjust kami kung kelan ka available. Maraming salamat. I'm looking forward to your response. More power!

    3. Hi po may tanong lang po ako pwd po bang ma sense ng isang pure gay ang may hocd?almost a year ko na to dinadala hindi ko pa sinasabi sa ibang tao ano talaga kalagayn ko ngayon.sana mabasa mo ito.

  2. Hi may i ask po how much the treatment for this? I am also convinced what i am getting now is hocd. I really need a help right now.