Friday, November 19, 2010

... clinical body therapy for the back, neck, shoulders, abdomen, buttocks, and legs ... (philippines, life coach, psychologist, psychiatrist)

one reason i enjoy doing body therapy is that it's a break from the mentally-taxing work i do as a psychotherapist. when i do body therapy, i'm not thinking as much, yet i still get the privilege of helping clients relieve their stresses. as my clients relax, i get relaxed myself, especially with the aroma of mentholated oil which i use.
since my goal is to help my clients in the best way possible, it's important for me to be updated with new knowledge and techniques. and that's why i'm always thankful whenever thomas zudrell visits the philippines. he is a true mentor and dedicated trainor who never tires of refining the skills of his students.
.from the pictures, you'll see that not only does he supervise his students one-on-one, thomas also allows us to practice on him! as always, thanks a lot, thomas!

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