Wednesday, September 2, 2009

... balakubak and paglagas ng buhok on Filipino guys ... (philippines, life coach, counselor, psychotherapist, psychologist, psychiatrist)

i did a talk this morning on the psychological effects of dandruff and hair loss on guys. The occasion was the launch of proctor and gamble's new head and shoulders shampoo called "hair retain." manny pacquiao was their chosen celebrity endorser.
here are the folks who worked behind the scenes to make the event such a success:
here's what i shared:
When men notice that they have dandruff and hair loss, the initial reaction is to shrug it off, thinking that the conditions will just go away. However, if the dandruff and hair loss persist, men start to get alarmed because know how disastrous the consequences can be.
Men suffering from dandruff and hair loss become very self-conscious and uneasy around people. In extreme cases, they become paranoid and think that people talk about them or laugh behind their backs. In reality, men with dandruff and hair loss do become the butt of jokes or objects of ridicule.
Consider these pinoy nicks hurled at guys with hairloss:
  • Pepito- Pepito na lang ang buhok
  • Shaggy- Shagilid lang ang natitirang buhok
  • Funny Face- Panipis ang buhok
  • HIV-positive- Hair Is Vanishing, positively!
  • BMW- Buhok Mo Wig
  • Hercules- Hair ko less
  • Arabo- Arabohok
Guys with dandruff are commonly perceived as unhygienic or unhealthy, while guys with apparent hair loss are considered unyouthful. Such perceptions make people avoid them and thus, guys with dandruff and hair loss are at risk of being isolated, lonely, and depressed.
The balding process in men usually starts in the late 20’s or early 30’s. Because this is the period when guys usually hunt for their life partners, guys with hair loss may get edged out by thicker-haired rivals. Career-wise, hair loss may also affect one’s career since baldness may be associated with advanced age, declining productivity, and reduced efficiency at work.
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me, after the talk:


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